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Commercial Property Mortgage Brokers

With more than three decades of banking relationships with local, regional and national banks and credit unions, Kelleher & Sadowsky has the access and acumen to competitively bid your mortgage needs to a variety of lenders to ensure you receive the most competitive interest rate, term and loan covenants available in today’s ever-changing market.

Kelleher & Sadowsky will meet with you to discuss your goals, objectives and needs and will then work tirelessly to come up with the correct strategy for your commercial mortgage based on your property’s value, prevailing interest rates, preferred amortization terms and recourse preferences. Kelleher & Sadowsky’s team stays involved from start to finish to ensure a seamless process. From preparing the Financing Package to analyzing term sheets to the appraisal and environmental inspections, Kelleher & Sadowsky is 100% involved so that you don’t have to be. We ensure that every box is checked and that you get to the closing table with your new lender as quickly and efficiently as possible, with loan terms that are most advantageous for you.