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Commercial Property Buyer-Tenant Representatives

Our accomplished brokers deliver an engaging conversation during which we delve deep into your specific requirement including timing, property type, geographic location preference, pricing limitations/expectations, expansion requirements, parking needs, specific utility requirements, zoning issues and any other pressing issues that are specific to your individual requirement.

We give you a follow-up call and email with a customized search of every listing in the market (including those of other brokerage firms) so that you have a comprehensive and accurate summary of the best options available to meet your criteria.

Our brokers can provide you with real-time market data so that you can ascertain the difference between an asking rent/price and the market rent/price; you understand what incentives may be available to you from both landlords and municipal and state agencies; and you have the most adept real estate negotiators in the market working specifically on your behalf, often at no cost to you!